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Text Box: Circa 1923

   68 Elder Terrace,  one of the few remaining original buildings in Hawker.  Elder Terrace, (originally known as Railway Terrace) was the main street of the town.

   Established in 1882 it is believed to have housed the Savings Bank of South Australia, the Commercial Bank and then opened as The Bank of Adelaide in 1886 after the Commercial Bank failed.

   The Bank of Adelaide operated from here until 1923 when a new office and Managerís Residence was built in 1923 in what was then Eighth Street, (now Wilpena Road) where it is now the Australia & New Zealand Bank  which took over the Bank of Adelaide in 1979.

  The very large room with double doors opening to the verandah is believed to have been the bank office and the remainder the Managerís Residence.


68 Elder Terrace, Hawker, South Australia

Short walking distance to Hotel, Cafe, shops, park and playground