Art by Tracy Shannon


Artist Tracy Shannon, Sightseer's Curiosity Cafe, Hawker

Born in Oxford, England 3rd September 1962. Emigrated to Australia at 4 years old. Grew up in Adelaide and moved to the Flinders in 2000.

Tracy has been interested in artistic endeavours since she was a small child where she developed her skills of sketching.

She tried painting a couple of times when she was a teen. However, she didnít feel she was any good at it so she continued to work with charcoals, pencils, inks and pastels.

Shortly after moving to the Flinders she tried folk art when decorating her home. Folk art led to bigger projects and then eventually to canvas. Tracy paints usually in acrylic but would like to expand her skills to oils and watercolours. Tracy paints still life, portraits and landscapes.

"As a young child I would sit and watch my father paint. Dad never showed any interest to teach us his painting skills. Of the old school, children are seen and not heard. So on occasion if we were quiet we could watch him paint. I have never had any formal art training so I guess I may have picked up some techniques from watching my father. In addition to the trial and error method of learning."

Art by Tracy Shannon
Tracy is available for commissioned works,
Art by Tracy Shannon

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