HAWKER - Hub of the Flinders Ranges - SOUTH AUSTRALIA
Altitude 315 metres  Latitude 31.89 S  Longitude 138.42 E  Area Population 500  Town Population 300


Hawker Institute Renovations

Below is a photographic record of the major renovations undertaken on the Hawker Institute building.
inst118.jpg inst131.jpg inst137.jpg

Preparing for septic tank

Paddy the painter

Foyer after tiling 24 April

14 March Roof construction

15 March

2 April

Plumbers at work Concreting Construction begins
4 February 2002 Plumbers at work 5 February Concreting 21 February Consruction begins

Front of Institute before demolition

Heavy machines make light work
Nearly gone
17 January   The front of the Hawker Institute, added to the original hall in 1968 - about to be demolished! 21 January   The point of no return has been reached. 23 January   Almost gone!


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