A Bird's Eye View of the spectacular Flinders Ranges

- a 30 by 3 metre painting by award winning artist Jeff Morgan

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The entrance
Having climbed the central staircase of the specifically designed circular building, view the beautiful uninterrupted panorama of majestic ranges, expansive plains and shimmering salt lakes as seen from St Mary Peak, and painted by well known, award winning Hawker artist Jeff Morgan.

Wheel chairs can access the panorama for views from ground level.



The Panorama

Take in the majesty of the Creator as you soak up the awesome atmosphere of God's creation in this unique 30 metre continuous landscape of pure grandeur.

Listen to the fascinating warbling of the fledgling magpies. Hear the evocative presence of these and other delightful birds native to the area as captivated by highly renowned South Australian sound-effects specialist, Bruce Emsley.


History of Wilpena Pound Panorama Project

The project was inspired after viewing "Panorama Guth" in Alice Springs back in 1992. Only Jeff envisioned a complete, uninterrupted 360 degree, circular mural of the view as seen from St Mary Peak, the highest peak of Wilpena Pound and the entire Flinders Ranges (1171 metres), also taking in the rest of the Pound and all visible surrounding countryside from there.

In November 2000, a public meeting was called by the newly formed Hawker Community Builders. It was at this meeting that  Jeff felt led to share the Wilpena Panorama vision, hoping it would provide a unique drawcard to the area, with the community and allied tourism services benefiting.

Right - Jeff taking the Panorama photographs Dec 2000

On 30 June 2001, the round Panorama building foundations were laid with bricks following  on the 11 September. A ring beam, a roof and many laborious hours later the exterior was almost complete. Three days before Christmas and the interior wall was finally ready and Jeff began to draw up the grid squares ready for the initial sketching of the mammoth painting. As if 'an Invisible Hand had taken over' (to quote Jeff), momentum picked up and within ten hours all sketching was completed.
This same momentum seemed to be unstoppable and 13 months later (4000 hours of work) the Wilpena Panorama was completed on 13 January 2003.


Jeff Morgan at work February 2002


Wilpena Panorama & Jeff Morgan Gallery

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